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With the 2008 Marzocchi forks not far away we thought we should give you all you a quick insight into what is coming for 2008. There has been massive revisions in the 2008 line up with the XC Series, 66 and 888 all getting stanchion changes along with the all new impressive 55 series that replaces the All Mountain range. Marathon Corsa - The Marathon new is back for 2008 with the Marathon Corsa Series. There is two forks in the high performance XC series this year. The Corsa SL WC weighs in at 1578 grams with its 32mm nickel plated stanchions and comes standard with a TST5 remote. The cheaper option is the Marathon Corsa LT with less adjustability and aluminium stanchions. Both forks have the option of V-brake mounts for those super light weight XC guys. XC Series – The XC series was introduced last year and has been the choice for many XC/Trail riders. For 2008 the XC 700 ATA and XC 600 ATA2 has got the travel range covered with 100-140mm adjustability. The new 32mm casting makes for a stiffer ride, with the 700 featuring the nickel plated stanchions and weights in at 1665 grams. Dirt Jumper – Still the most popular and strongest dirt jump fork on the market this fork is very similar to last year. The Dirt Jump 2 has a 20mm axle with a external rebound adjuster. The Dirt Jump 3 is the same fork with a 9mm axle. Both models come standard with 100mm of travel and have dropped in price for 2008. 4X World Cup - The 4X World Cup evolved out of the DJ series. Essentially, it's the top of the line Dirt Jumper fork. It weighs in at 2178 grams and has 32mm nickel plated stanchions. It has more adjustment than Dirt Jumper forks with a RC3 cartridge and bolt-on 20mm through axel. 55 ATA- If all-mountain trail riding is for you then the 55 is the fork you’ve been dreaming of. It adjusts from 125 to 165mm, covering quite a range of riding. The 55 has the same 35mm stanchions as last years 66, but is amazingly light at 2100 grams. Basically it performs like the 66 but has XC weight. The air travel adjust (ATA) is super easy to use and can really dial in how you want your experience to be. There is also a 55 ETA model for all you ETA fans. 66 ATA - lightweight, long travel bad boy! All the 888 performance with less weight and much more manoeuvrability. It’s only 2700 grams now even with the new 38mm stanchions. Its ATA alloys you to adjust travel from 140-180mm. The new 38mm stanchions and nickel coating make this a smooth buttery ride. The fork is also available in a 1.5” steer tube, which opens up all frame options for this fork. The 66 range also includes the RC3 oil dampened model which is a little heaver for the freeride and DH crew who like the oil feel. 888 ATA- The new 888 ATA World Cup is now the lightest 200mm fork on the market. Marzocchi have worked very hard on weight for 2008 and the 888 ATA is testament to that. The 888 ATA WC is now light as well as stable and supple. Again the 888 range includes the RC3 model with white lowers along with the 888WC RC3 bad boy with titanium springs and 38mm nickel stanchions. 2008 Overview. Marzocchi’s 2008 product is one of the most extensive overhauls the company has ever made in one season. All 2008 forks will now be made in Taiwan expect the Corsa forks and Roco shocks that will remain in Italy. This was a tough decision for Marzocchi brought on not by the pressure to compete with other companies prices but by the increasing demand for OEM product from bike companies and their relatively short delivery times. They are so confident about this move that all aftermarket forks will have a 3 year warranty. With this line Marzocchi has upped the anti in the suspension game. Keeping in mind the lightness, durability and great feel of the product, it will be a catch up game for other manufacturers for sure. For more information contact your leading dealer. Look out for Marzocchi demo days in November, Wide Open will keep you posted. Email Below fork Photos 1 - 55 ATA 2 - 66 ATA 3 - 888 ATA WC 4 - Corsa
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