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on the charge
Great ride by Samara finishing 4th in the under 23 class held at the World Cup in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada. This is what she had to say. "I had been looking forward to racing the World Cup races for a long time now, eager to find out where I measure up. Today I finished in 4th place for the under 23 grade and am stoked!! The course here in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada, is always a tough technical one, even more so now than at last year"s World Champs. Rain during the week had created super slick conditions. For me, practice days involved mud baths and slipping and sliding over the exposed roots and rocks. Everyone bar Geoff Kabush, was skidding out here and there. Thanks to Beat Stirnemann my lines were pretty sorted. Although, I had only been game enough to hit the rock garden decent once in practise as it was everything was so wet but the ‘chicken line" was no easier. Then on race day a wonderful thing happened – the sun came out! The rocks dried out and to a certain degree so did a lot of the course. Having ridden the rock garden fine last year in the dry I was confident I could do so again in the race and I did, no problems – phew! We started 2 minutes after the elite woman, which changed the dynamics of the race. Instead of having a clear track we faced traffic the entire time. Holdups would force open gaps and the further back you were in the field the worse it would be. So my game plan was to have a good start and NOT crash! Off the gun I felt capable of riding at the front end of the field. I set myself into a good position and after lap 1 I was in 3rd place, then Kathrin Stirnemann (2nd place rider at the finish) came past and I settled in at 4th position. The race was pretty hard, with the rough nature of the course you really had to concentrate on how to ride each section without stuffing up while being on the limit. So finishing in 4th position was way cool! After the race we had a nice evening BBQ followed by a party – a good finish to a top day! Next weekend we race the next World Cup in Windham, America. Apparently the course goes up and down a big hill which will be perfect to see if I can better my spot and climb onto that podium!
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