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The Acclaimed DEITY Line of Grips Expand

The evolution of the DEITY Grip Line has arrived. Welcome to the debut of the new SUPRACUSH and LOCKJAW Grips!

• March 27th 2020

elevating the renowned DEITY Grip line to new levels.

Focused on becoming a comprehensive industry leading grip manufacturer, our expanded line of 4 grip models is indicative of the direction we have taken the brand since 2017… products built around function, strength and attention to detail. We are focused on trimming the fat and offering a product line that will go head to head with anything on the market and our series of grips are the next step of this evolution.


"Rounding out our grip line to offer something for everyone, the SUPRACUSH Grip delivers the most comfortable and deeply cushioned grip on the market!"


Boldly and intentionally we’ve deemed the Supracush “The most comfortable grip in the world.” Initially we wanted to develop a grip that would thrive under larger hands but in the process of testing and development we did not expect to produce a grip offering so much more. Our new TRC+ compound coupled with our deep dish diamond pattern created a feel and compression that transformed the Supracush from being a grip for larger hands to a grip that is extremely comfortable, highly technical, and became a favorite among people of all hand sizes and grip preferences. We quickly realized that we had created a unique feel that most riders had not experienced yet in a grip. With a 34mm diameter built around our deep dish diamond pattern but amplified 8 times larger than traditional designs, the goal was to have riders sink into the grips and leave with an experience that resonates while on the trail.

“We approached the Lockjaw and the Supracush with the same mentality we took with the Knuckleduster. Function first. If we are to take a beloved diamond pattern, how can we make it better? How can we then mix it with various concepts and create something with a feel unlike anything else? I really want us to be category leaders in what we design and manufacture and to do that, we need to be thoughtful of WHY we are developing components and WHO we are making them for. A beloved grip is an emotional connection for many people…at least it is for me. I want us to make those contact points matter.” Eric Davies (Owner / Designer)


"Overwhelming demand for a diamond version of the renowned KNUCKLEDUSTER Grip lead us to the phenomenal feel of the LOCKJAW."


Joining the Knuckleduster, Waypoint, and Supracush is the new Lockjaw. Building on familiar features of our Knuckleduster Grip we have harmoniously blended key elements into one feature packed grip offering. Our goal was to design a premiere technical feeling grip that could take the cushion of our deep dish diamond pattern and mold it seamlessly to our recessed half waffle for added control. The Lockjaw has a 32mm outer diameter with our proven tapered inner sleeve and single lock ring system offering riders an extremely responsive feeling cockpit. With a focus on minimizing harsh transition zones that inevitably create hot spots and built around our new TRC+ compound, the Lockjaw has a soft, sticky durometer while maintaining the durability our customers have come to expect from Deity.